Orbital Station

A spacious station to station your Kerbals in space… and science! There are three attached modules, all individually detachable and maneuverable. In total there are 6 docking ports on the station core, and 4 on the attached modules. Also included are 2 escape pods, allowing 6 Kerbals to safely return to a nearby celestial body. Throw this baby around any planet of your choosing and commune easy knowing it has a top-grade relay satellite attached.

Personally, I use this station around Laythe as a refueling stop for my Jool system missions.

Detachable Modules:

  • Batteries, Surface Scanner
  • Fuel Tank, Solar Arrays, Docking Port
  • Solar Arrays, Triple Docking Ports (woah)
  • Dublé Escape Pods

Action Groups:

  • 1: Toggle solar arrays.
  • 2: Toggle reaction wheels and gimbles that aren’t apart of the station core.
  • 3: Toggle antennas, radiators, and scanner.


  • Ablator: 1,650
  • Electric Charge: 28,385
  • Liquid Fuel: 2,160
  • Monopropellant: 3,605
  • Oxidizer: 2,640

Craft Stats:

  • Parts: 321
  • Funds: 407,110
  • Mass: 89.26 Tons
  • KSP: 1.9.1

Main Files:

  • Orbital Station 1.0: Initial release.

Optional Files:

  • None

Miscellaneous Files:

  • None