Meet Rovey, the adorable lil four wheeler that knew it could. Barrel over the craters of the Mun or cruise along the sandy beaches of Duna, nothing is out of reach when you can drive! Rovey comes equip with a variety of science modules for collecting data in multiple biomes across a planets surface. Although this rover handles pretty well on celestial bodies with enough gravity, there are two rear-facing landing legs mounted towards the back to help with upside-down maneuvers; NASA would be proud. There are batteries on either side, a solar panel on top, and two PB-NUK’s mounted on the bottom for optimal operation at all solar stages. Reaction wheel is set to SAS only.

Action Groups:

  • 5: Toggle antennas and experiment displays.


  • Electric Charge: 920

Craft Stats:

  • Parts: 27
  • Funds: 86,935
  • Mass: 0.85 Tons
  • KSP: 1.9.1

Main Files:

  • Rovey 1.0: Initial release.

Optional Files:

  • None

Miscellaneous Files:

  • None