Prison of Despair

Mod Info

  • Version: 2.3.0
  • Downloads: 40,000+
  • Updated: 2014.08.12
  • DLC: None
  • Platform: PC

Prison of Despair

Prison of Despair was the predecessor to ‘Dread Prison‘. This prison was the original solution for locking up anyone who crossed you wrong while adventuring in Skyrim. You can find the entrance in the northwest of Hjaalmarch, just south of Dragon Bridge. This mod sought to bring the Oblivion mod ‘Carcernus Prison‘ into Skyrim.

WhateverDev does not condone or support owning prisons of any kind, especially medieval and inhumane ones, obviously. Donate to Amnesty International to help protect human rights.


  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\ (or wherever you have Skyrim installed on your system).
  2. Merge the Data folder from the mod’s zip file with the Data folder in the Skyrim directory.
  3. Launch Skyrim and click on 'Data Files', then make sure the mod is enabled. Enjoy!